The Brookdale Homeowners’ Association (BHA) is a voluntary civic and social organization with a goal of promoting community.

The all-volunteer BHA Board meets bi-monthly. We try to keep our community calendar updated with meetings and events. Meetings are open to all BHA members. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact any of the Board members to find out the day, time and location.

BHA Board members are nominated and elected from BHA member volunteers (or the volunteered). The Board works energetically to keep the Brookdale neighborhood informed and up-to-date as well as enthused and included.

In addition to the BHA Board, the BHA has a fabulous volunteer network. Working with the Board members, our volunteers organize and run all sorts of events and activities. If you’d like to volunteer or participate, contact any Board member or listed volunteer coordinator to find out more about committees, groups, clubs, activities and events.

The BHA distributes a newsletter digitally and in print chock full of news from our neighborhood, schools and wider community. The Newsletter Editor, Board Member, Newsletter Distributor Coordinator, 4 Newsletter Distributors, and over 60 Block Captains who all offer their time and energy to keep BHA Members informed with Brookdale news.

E-mail the BHA Newsletter Editor with any community information or news.

The BHA Secretary coordinates much of the neighborhood communication, including social media posts and tweets. E-mail the BHA Secretary if you have any news, activities, or other information you’d like posted on our neighborhood FaceBook page, Brookdale the Best Neighborhood in Naperville, or Tweeted to the world. The BHA Secretary also pretends to be the ad hoc BHA Webmaster, and would love anyone — talented in the world wide web or not – who’d like to improve the BHA website, add content and provide cool ideas!

Block Captains work with the VP/Welcome Committee Chair and the Membership Director to welcome new neighbors and inform newcomers about all the Brookdale amenities, including the BHA! If you’re new to the neighborhood and a BHA Block Captain or a Brookdale Neighbor doesn’t knock on your door first, e-mail the Welcome Committee.

Block Captains also work with the BHA Membership Director to register new BHA members and let them know about all the benefits of belonging to the BHA! Go to the Membership page to join the BHA, or e-mail the Membership Director.

Do Block Captains seem like friendly, really cool people you definitely want to know — or better yet — to BE? You’re right! Contact the BHA Board President to volunteer to be a Block Captain, be on the Welcome Committee or just participate in any way!