Join the BHA!


The Brookdale Homeowners’ Association (BHA) is a voluntary civic and social organization with a goal of promoting community in the Brookdale neighborhood.
The BHA welcomes all neighbors in Brookdale – single family homes, town house and condo residents, renters, young, old, and newcomers alike.



Members enjoy the following:

  • Annual directory of members including contact info by name and by street, block captains, member services (tutoring, babysitting, music lessons, grass cutting and landscaping, etc.), members’ and sponsors’ business information, discounts and area information
  • 10 issues per year of our informative and entertaining Babbling Brook newsletter
  • Civic and social events and activities
  • Members only social events, priority registration, and discounts to BHA-sponsored social events like Adult Mixers, Brew tours, theater events and group sports events.
  • Members only discounts for local businesses
  • Members only information access on our neighborhood website (
  • Members-only communication about upcoming BHA events and breaking Brookdale News
  • Proactive civic participation in local issues
  • A strong community relations program
  • Block party organizational assistance
  • Welcome Bags and Guide for new neighbors
  • An Annual General Meeting where BHA Board members are elected and members can discuss ideas and issues face-to-face with neighbors

Brookdale Neighbors! Welcome your new neighbors to the neighborhood! E-mail the BHA Vice President at to obtain the Welcome bag and all the goodies inside. You’ll receive a Welcome bag as a thank you for helping the BHA welcome new residents.



In addition to community, fun and information, the $30 annual membership saves members of $100 per year on BHA-sponsored events and at local businesses offering BHA members-only discounts! Dues remain at $30 if you join before 9/1/2017, or reduce to $15 if you join after 9/1/2017.



Full Status: All Brookdale property owners or co-owners residing in the Brookdale neighborhood subdivision can become full members in the BHA.

Associate Status: Any Brookdale resident who is not a property owner or co-owner can join as an associate member. Associate Members may chair committees, coordinate events, and otherwise participate fully in our neighborhood!

Associate members have all rights and privileges of full membership except the right to vote for the Board or by-law changes, or hold office as a BHA Board member.

Regardless of one’s status as a property owner, annual dues remain at $30 if you join before 9/1/2017, or $15 if you join after 9/1/2017.



The BHA welcomes new members at any time. The BHA Welcome Committee and Neighborhood Block Captains work together to welcome new residents. A neighborhood volunteer will visit to deliver a free Welcome Bag full of information and surprises!

Our Welcome Bag includes:

  • Block Captain’s name and phone number
  • A current BHA newsletter, the Babbling Brook
  • A Welcome Guide
  • Key Naperville brochures
  • Local area business information and discount coupons
  • A BHA membership form (See BHA Membership Benefits



  1. Download our new electronic membership form and save it on your device.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Save to your device as a PDF, with a file name including your address.
  4. Submit Form via one of the following methods:
    a. EMAIL to our BHA Membership Director (
    b. PRINT a hard copy of the form as a completed PDF, and submit with dues as described below.
  5. Submit Dues ($30 if you join before 9/1, or $15 if you join after 9/1) via one of the following methods:
    a. MAIL or DELIVER the membership fee to your Block Captain.
    b. MAIL or DELIVER the membership fee to BHA Membership at 943 Stonehenge Court.
    Unfortunately, electronic payment is not available at this time.



Please contact the BHA Membership Director at, or complete the form below: