Block Captains
Block Captains are designated for each street in the Brookdale neighborhood. They are a team of neighbors who volunteer their time to help keep members informed of Brookdale news, welcome new neighbors, get neighbors involved in events and are available to answer any questions residents may have about the neighborhood. Block Captains work closely with the Board of Directors.
Block Captains also distribute the annual hard copy of the Babbling Brook newsletter to all residents on their street, help coordinate BHA membership drive, and distribute a hard copy of the annual membership directory to members on their street.
If you are interested in becoming a BHA Block Captain, please contact us.
2021 Block Captains
Block Captain Street
Alison Hannon Abbotsford
Scott Kurbyun Abby 
Rebecca (Yonan) Rohlfs Albermarle 
Leticia Thompson Anthony 
Eric Staskon Bainbridge (1011-1100)
Brian & Kathy Pepiot Bainbridge (1200-1236)
Beth Constantine Bainbridge (1240-1272)
Sandy White Bainbridge (900-999)
Lauren Romero Balton 
Kristen Harding Brookdale (1500-1551)
Heidi Hall Brookdale (1735-1784)
Anthony Tabb Brookdale (1787-1859)
Lori Contreras Bruno 
Warren Hanson Churchill 
Angie Beran Colfax 
Carey Peterson Derby 
Warren Hanson Downing
Ravi & Sucheta Rooprai Forest View 
Nancy Chinnici Foxhill (1409-1434)
Monica Johns Foxhill (1435-1450)
Linn Newton Foxhill (1500-1547)
Anna Russell Hastings 
Lori Contreras Hinterlong
Linda Cnota Kings 
Deb Kolak Kirby 
Jim Perkins Langley (1003-1115)
Mary Wells Langley (1116-1314)
Laurie Trinko Lisa 
Lisa Reinwald Lois Ann 
Anna Russell London (1500-1517)
Kristin Scharping London (1523-1547)
Kay Birkner Manchester (1021-1125)
Gary Richards Manchester (800-827)
Anne Ruppe Manchester (900-932)
Lori Contreras Mike
Thomas Althoff Paddington
Ann Luttrell Paxton 
Ann Cotner Pelham 
Tanya Galer Piccadilly (1100-1132)
Faye McKay Piccadilly (1200-1229)
Amber Patel Pickwick
Katelynn McNulty Preston (1505-1537)
Barb Marshall Preston (1540-1613)
Pam Anderson Prince 
Sue Henderson Queens 
Laura Falk Queensbury 
Lori Klein Redfield (1152-1198)
Kathy Ferguson Redfield (1199-1247 odd)
Patti Braida Redfield (1240-1312 even)
Lisa Howard Selby 
Stacey Ramsey Small 
Tracee Huang Stacie 
Maribel Lopez Stonehenge (900-909)
Colette Bachtell Stonehenge (915-943)
Tricia Smith Terri 
Cari Hammar Trent 
Janet Brill Westminster 
Carol Bax Whitley 
Kelly Giacolo Winchester 
Carrie Cole Windward