The Brookdale Neighborhood Association is a voluntary, non-profit civic and social organization with a goal of promoting community. The Association seeks to protect and promote the interests of the homeowners and residents of the Brookdale neighborhood in Naperville, IL, by monitoring, organizing and participating in civic affairs and social activities.
Brookdale is a warm and welcoming community whose neighborhood character reflects its rural farm history. Our residents, a lively mix of long-time residents and newcomers, cherish Brookdale for both its many amenities and its friendly and caring spirit. Brookdale is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family!
Recent News & Updates
Spring 2021 Home Maintenance
Posted on Mar 25, 2021
Advice for stuff to do around your home over the next few weeks, every spring. This is NOT a weekend list; it’ll take WAY longer than a weekend. 
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Take Action on the CityGate West Development Project
Posted on Oct 29, 2020
The Brookdale Neighborhood Association has created an online petition that will be sent directly to the City of Naperville Planning & Zoning Commission. We encourage you to sign the petition and specify why you are signing the petition, such as: school capacity, classroom sizes, art and music classes on-a-cart, boundary adjustments, and impact on property tax.
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Our Community

The Brookdale Neighborhood Association is comprised of volunteers throughout the neighborhood—several Board Members, four newsletter distributors and 60 block captains. If you’re interested in contributing to our neighborhood, please contact us.

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